The special features of the 4-m and 6-m bands
In this newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to a fascinating topic: the special features of the 4-m and 6-m bands!

These two frequency bands, currently cleared for amateur radio by special regulations, offer some interesting features. On our new #wimocreatesknowledge page, you will get exciting insights into the world of radio on these bands.

The propagation conditions on the 6-m band (50 MHz) and the 4-m band (74 MHz) differ significantly from other frequency ranges.

We explain why the 6-m band is also called "the magic band" and what conditions must be created for successful connections. From reflections via the ionosphere to tropospheric overreach, you will learn everything you need to know.

Have fun reading!
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ID-50 - Dual-band handheld radio
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The new ID-50E handheld radio from Icom offers operation on VHF and UHF, max. 5 Watt tx power, D-Star and FM, a receiver for Airband and WFM, memory card, IPX-7 protection and much more. A lot of accessories from the ID-52 and IC-705 (batteries etc.) can be used directly. Available from July/August 2023!
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