Radioing over all mountains, islands and parks!
It's time to move the amateur radio hobby out of your own four walls and into nature. Constantly sitting at home in front of the radio station or screen can be detrimental to your health and family life in the long run.

Therefore, we introduce you to various outdoor radio activities where you can combine your passion for amateur radio with the beauty of nature.

The archetype of all outdoor radio activities is the fieldday, where radio amateurs meet in the great outdoors to pursue their hobby undisturbed. This is because larger antennas are often set up there and the focus is on socialising. Fielddays take place mainly in the summer months, at weekends and during the holiday season. If you can't operate an amateur radio station at home, the fieldday is a great opportunity to still pursue your hobby.

Check out our website to find out what outdoor radio opportunities are available and who they're suitable for.
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IRTS - 90th AGM
We would like to take a look back at the exciting weekend of the 90th AGM of the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) and the Shannon Basin Radio Club Rally. Shannon Basin Radio Club had the honour of hosting this momentous event in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland on 29 and 30 April. The weekend was packed with club and IRTS activities and exciting events.

The highlight of the weekend was the IRTS Gala Dinner to celebrate the Society's 90th anniversary. WiMo supported the IRTS AGM with two prizes for the raffle. We wish the winners a lot of fun and thank IRTS for the successful blog post!

Enjoy reading!
More about the event here
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