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Benefit from Thorsten's experience with the Mosley Minibeam MINI-32A!
In this newsletter we would like to present you with some exciting news: Thorsten, DJ7ZZ, a long-time amateur radio enthusiast, shares his practical experience with us! He sent us his customer report on the Mosley Minibeam MINI-32A and compares it with other antennas.

Thorsten has been active in amateur radio for a long time and has tried various antennas over the years. After a break of five years, his interest in amateur radio was rekindled and he was faced with the challenge of finding an antenna solution that was space-saving, lightweight and unobtrusive.

In our new blog post, you can read first-hand how Thorsten's connections went with the Mosley Minibeam MINI-32A and what his experiences were. Read Thorsten's full report on our WiMo blog!
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