PMR radios: everything you need to know!
Fast and reliable communication is of great importance in many situations. Whether during outdoor activities, at events, on construction sites or in emergencies - radios are indispensable tools for efficient communication.

PMR radios, also known as Private Mobile Radios, are portable handheld radios designed for toll-free and licence-free short-range communication. They offer numerous advantages in different areas. In retail, they facilitate communication between employees; in construction, they improve collaboration and safety. In the events industry, they enable smooth coordination, while in transport they increase efficiency. PMR radios also play an important role in the security sector, industry, healthcare and education.

On our website, we offer a comprehensive guide to PMR radios. Here you will find information about the different types of PMR radios, important factors for choosing the right radio, as well as tips and best practices for use.

We hope you enjoy reading it and learn something new!
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WiMo sponsors WRTC youth team!
We are pleased to announce that WiMo is sponsoring a youth team at the WRTC (World Radio Amateur Championship)! The WRTC will take place next weekend (8/9 July) at the IARU HF Championship in Bologna.

A total of 56 teams from all over the world are taking part, including six youth teams. The WiMo supported team consists of Megan (EI5LA) and Leon (DL3ON), while Harald (DL2SAX) will support the team on site. WiMo will provide the promising team with a FlexRadio 6400M transceiver. We wish you good luck!

We keep our fingers crossed for all participants that the radio conditions are good and the technology holds out!

Additionally, we support Team Africa 3, consisting of team leader Ulli Ann (ZR2A) and Holger Wilhelm (DL9EE) (, with the loan of a YAESU radio.

Read our new blog post to find out all about WRTC, how you can support from home and exactly what the rules are for this particular contest.
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