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How WiMo and Ciro Mazzoni exceeded expectations
We would like to tell you about a special experience that Zdenek Koráb, a satisfied customer of WiMo and Ciro Mazzoni Radiocomunicazioni, had.

Zdenek is now the proud owner of the Midi Loop magnetic antenna from Ciro Mazzoni that we supplied. But it was a long way until then.

The antenna was not available for a long time and quickly sold out as soon as it appeared at the dealers. But one day the time had finally come. Mr. Koráb immediately ordered the antenna from WiMo.

When Mr. Koráb opened the package, he was initially thrilled by the careful packaging and the antenna itself. However, he soon noticed that the antenna's capacitor was bent and some plates were almost touching the opposite plates. His enthusiasm turned to annoyance and disappointment.

Find out how Mr. Koráb solved the problem together with Ciro Mazzoni and WiMo in our new blog post! Enjoy reading!
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