Experience meets Innovation - The 4O3A team develops coordinated devices!
The experienced team at 4O3A, led by Ranko, develops equipment for radio stations that are perfectly matched to each other. From splitters/combiners to powerful power amplifiers and automatic tuners, the "Genius" product line offers maximum flexibility and easy integration. Automate your amateur radio station and gradually build up a powerful radio station - with the innovative components from 4O3A. Whether you want to use multiple antennas, connect additional receivers or link your equipment together, 4O3A has the ideal solution. The components are easy to control remotely and provide smooth signal distribution.
Uncomplicated and Powerful - Power Genius Power Amplifier for all KW Transceivers
Experience the power and simplicity of the Power Genius power amplifier, designed specifically for amateur radio operators. Whether you use Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Flex Radio, Elecraft or TenTec, the Power Genius is compatible with virtually all popular shortwave transceivers. The versatile Power Genius even allows mixed operation, so you can use two transceivers simultaneously with one power amplifier.Have we convinced you?

We make you the following offer:
Buy a Power Genius power amplifier until the end of August 2023 and get a 4O3A 8-way antenna switch worth €1,089 in addition!
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