Experience the fascinating world of amateur radio in the Pyrenees and Perpignan with Ekki, DF4OR!
We are pleased to take you on an exciting radio adventure in the South of France in our latest newsletter! Join Ekki, DF4OR, for his captivating experiences in the breathtaking Pyrenees and his visit to the active radio club F6KBR in Perpignan. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of amateur radio and be inspired by Ekki's enthusiasm for this hobby. But that's just the beginning - for more exciting details and insights, just click on our latest blog post! 🌟📻

We hope you enjoy reading and that you will be as excited by Ekki's experiences as we are!
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New Hyperflex-10 "Sahara FT-8" coaxial cable at WiMo!!
Discover the new Hyperflex-10 "Sahara FT-8" Coaxial Cable with a white outer jacket. This cable offers the proven performance of the Hyperflex-10, but with the added benefit of a light-coloured outer jacket that absorbs less heat in the sun. This means even more stable signal transmission, even in sun-drenched environments.

And yes, "Sahara FT-8" in the name may make you smile, but it reminds us that this cable proves its reliability even in the most demanding conditions. Take advantage of this innovative coaxial cable that delivers on both performance and style.
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