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But is it still a good option? The wire antenna is the classic amateur radio antenna and includes not only long-wire antennas, but also the classic dipole. This is still the most popular shortwave antenna, whether for amateur radio, military purposes, public services or commercial users. Wire antennas are inexpensive, lightweight and can be mounted in many ways depending on local conditions. They are unobtrusive, robust and more weather resistant than more solid constructions. At the same time, performance is easily predictable and less susceptible to impact from nearby objects than other antenna types.

Learn how wire antennas are constructed, how they work and which is the right wire antenna for your needs in our guide. We also give you some installation and mounting tips so you can fully enjoy your new antenna.

Whether you're at home, travelling or outdoors, wire antennas offer a wide range of uses. Find out why you should buy wire antennas from WiMo and let our huge selection and expertise convince you.
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πŸ“’ Product of the week: The WorldPack bag for KW transceivers! πŸŒπŸŽ’
It's never been easier to take your shortwave transceiver with you wherever you go - be it on a plane, train or on your back! πŸš€This sturdy, weather resistant bag is perfect for KW mobile or portable equipment from the last 10 years, including FT-817 and Z-11 tuners. With a clever height adjustment system and a compartment for batteries, it has everything you need. The comfortable shoulder strap and numerous pockets make it the ideal companion for radio enthusiasts. Get it now and be ready for radio communications in any environment! βœˆοΈπŸ“»
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