The magic of hearing - discover the world of shortwaves
As a shortwave listener (SWL), you can prepare yourself for amateur radio by excitingly listening to the shortwave bands and discovering exotic radio signals from all over the world. Even without an amateur radio licence, you can collect QSL cards and even apply for diplomas as a SWL. Learn how a suitable outdoor antenna can improve your reception and discover different types of antennas suitable for different space conditions.

Want to dive deeper into the world of shortwave listening? Visit our product pages where you will find receivers, receiving antennas, accessories and components for DIY. With your own receiving equipment, you could soon be receiving radio signals from all over the world.

We look forward to sharing your passion for shortwave listening and are happy to answer your questions and offer advice.
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📢 Product of the week: The Elad PHP-1M7RX high-pass filter 1700 kHz for receivers! 🌐
Free your receiver from the interfering signals of medium and long wave with this powerful filter. 🚀 The results? Less cross modulation, improved sensitivity and a more relaxed listening experience. 🎧 This high-pass filter is available in two versions: one for receivers, perfect for SDRs and classic receivers, and one for QRP transceivers with a power handling of up to 10 W. Both versions are equipped with PL sockets, which makes installation a breeze. ✨
Discover how the Elad PHP-1M7RX takes your reception to a new level! 💫
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