Winterising antenna systems - A must for radio amateurs!
The cold season is just around the corner, and while most people are preparing their homes for winter, you as a radio amateur should not forget to winterise your antenna system either. Amateur radio is not only a popular hobby, but also an important method of communication that can be invaluable, especially in emergencies. In our latest blog post, you will learn why it is so crucial to winterise your antenna system and what measures you can take.
📻 Product of the Week: High pass 30 MHz and WFM broadcast notch filter 87-109 MHz 🌟
If you want to optimise your SDR receivers, this filter is a must-have. It solves the problem of cheap DVB-T sticks that don't have sufficient filters at the input. With the high-pass filter, which blocks signals below 30 MHz, and the FM broadcast notch filter, which suppresses the 87-109 MHz broadcast signals.

Thanks to passbands of 31-80 MHz and 118-1600 MHz, minimal insertion loss and impressive signal attenuation (shortwave: 20 dB, VHF: 30 dB), the dynamic range of your AD-converter is used optimally. This results in a significant increase in the sensitivity and selectivity of your receiver. The filter is easy to install, has BNC connectors and is designed for an impedance of 50 ohms. 📡 #Filter #SDRreceiver #ReceptionOptimisation
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