All about CB radios: history, functions, applications and advantages
CB radios, also called Citizen Band radios, are a simple and inexpensive means of short-range wireless communication. Originally developed for citizen radios, they quickly became a popular means of communication, especially for truck drivers, outdoor enthusiasts and security staff.

Learn more about the history, operation, applications and benefits of CB radios in our comprehensive CB radio guide. Whether you are already a CB radio expert or simply curious about this form of communication - we will answer your questions and offer you valuable insights.

In our shop you will find a wide range of CB radios, antennas and accessories. These products are designed to help you communicate reliably in a wide variety of situations.
📻 Product of the Week: MFJ-915 common mode filter 📡
This common mode filter is an absolute must-have for all radio enthusiasts. With a frequency range of 1.8 to 30 MHz and robust PL sockets, the MFJ-915 is capable of filtering common mode interference to improve the reception of your radio.

With dimensions of 13x5cm and an a handling power of 500W PEP, this is a must in your radio shack. 🔊 
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