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The festive season has begun, and we want to ring in Advent with you with exciting promotions and unbeatable offers! Every week we present special deals and potential Christmas presents that will make your heart beat faster. The promotion period always starts on Fridays and lasts one week.
🌟 FT-710 Field + SP-40 + YAESU CAP in an unbeatable bundle for only 999* € ! πŸŽ„
Look forward to our first highlight of the Advent season - the FT-710 Field, the SP-40 side speaker and YAESU Cap in an unbeatable combination price! Not only can you fulfil your Christmas wishes, you can also make big savings.

FT-710 Field - your reliable companion:
With 100W transmitting power (adjustable from 5 to 100 W) and SDR technology, the FT-710 Field sets standards. The RF input stage is based on the experience of the FT-DX101 and FT-DX10 transceivers and efficiently filters out unwanted signals. A high-resolution 250 MHz synthesiser enables simultaneous reception of multiple signals. Operation is facilitated by the superb 4.3" colour display and with the option of connecting a mouse and/or keyboard, you are always in control. Clearly recognisable LEDs next to the VFO button indicate the operating status, and the 'Preset' function makes it easy to find the optimum setting for FT-8 operation.

SP-40 side speakers - sound in perfection:
The SP-40 is the original Yaesu side speaker. Enjoy the outstanding audio quality of the Yaesu AESS (Acoustic Enhancement Speaker System) and amplify your listening experience. The speaker can be conveniently mounted on the left or right side of the transceiver, creating a harmonious overall picture. Unused mounting openings are closed with protective caps. The 3.5 mm jack cable (mono) with a length of around 32 cm ensures an optimum connection.
And last but not least an original YAESU cap to show off at the radioclub's meeting.
🎁 Save now
This unbeatable combination is only available for one week, so don't hesitate and save yourself the FT-710 Field + SP-40 bundle at a unique price!
*1099 €
  -100 € Yaesu cashback
= 999 €
WiMo vouchers
We have the perfect solution for those who aren't quite sure about the world of wireless equipment: Our gift vouchers!

Our vouchers are not only a practical solution, but also the ideal gift for all radio amateurs and technology enthusiasts. Also ideal for friends and family who are at a loss as to which is the right accessory or headset for their shack.

Our shopping voucher is available with a value of €50, €100 or €500.
Save 10% on all Chameleon products now - only until Sunday!
We would like to draw your attention once again to our Chameleon promotion.
Discover Chameleon products nowAs a thank you for your support and because we can't get enough of Black Weekend, we are offering you an exclusive 10% discount on all Chameleon products until Sunday.
Save yourself the high-quality shortwave antennas at an unbeatable price now!
πŸš€ Product of the Week: Heavy Clamp 'Jaw Mount' πŸ“‘
This versatile clamp is designed to make your antenna installation easier. With a hole for easy mounting of various antenna bases and the ability to secure masts up to 55 mm in diameter, you can mount your antenna virtually anywhere - be it on the balcony railing, a broomstick, a fence pole or any other suitable location. The diameter of the hole for the antenna base is 13 mm, which gives you additional flexibility in choosing your antenna.

It's never been easier to install your antenna and enjoy a better reception experience. Get the 'Jaw Mount' mast clamp and put an end to cumbersome mounting methods. Discover the freedom to place your antenna exactly where you want it. πŸ’ͺ
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