Festive greetings for the second Advent:
Save yourself our exclusive bundle for optimal portable radio operation!
We hope you are enjoying the festive season! For the second Advent we present you an exclusive offer: Our bundle, consisting of the Xiegu G106 QRP transceiver and the MC-750 portable vertical antenna (40-6m).These two devices are the perfect combination for portable radio operation and allow you to save your equipment for the coming outdoor season now. We know it's not the perfect time for portable radio at the moment, but spring is coming sooner than we think ;-)

The Xiegu G106 QRP transceiver offers first-class performance and mobility, while the MC-750 antenna is designed for frequencies from 40-6m to ensure optimal performance in portable.

Now only € 548,99 saving € 69! 
This offer is valid from now until Thursday, 14 December (only while stocks last).
📡 Product of the Week: WiMo Radial Base Plate 🌐
The performance of your antenna depends crucially on the quality of the counterpoise, and this is where the Radial Base Plate makes all the difference. With 84 holes for radials and made from 3mm thick stainless steel, it offers the perfect balance between stability, weather resistance and electrical conductivity.

This well thought-out radial plate was developed by experienced contesters who know what it means to operate an antenna under competition conditions. With a max. diameter of approx. 40 cm and a weight of approx. 2 kg, it is robust and reliable. Thanks to the vertical mounting angle, you can attach it securely to the ground or to the radiator. Maximise the performance of your antenna with the WiMo Radial Plate and enjoy outstanding signal quality. 🌐
Thank you for your orders!
We hope you enjoyed the Black Weekend to the full and were able to discover a bargain or two for yourself. Thank you very much for your numerous orders.

We have forwarded all orders to our shipping partners. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with our despatch software, which meant that some of you did not receive a tracking email.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Our technical department has already been able to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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