IKOS IMPULSE - 3D phase shifter for a better audio experience
We are excited to introduce you to our latest product IKOS IMPULSE. In our latest blog post, you can find out why this 3D phase shifter will revolutionise your listening experience. IKOS IMPULSE uses digital techniques to convert a MONO audio signal into a STEREO signal, reducing listener fatigue and improving the perception of weak SSB signals.

Find out how the IKOS IMPULSE brings stereo quality to your communications reception and why this represents a breakthrough in the world of audio experiences. Curious?

6 to 2 Antenna Switch MK2 Classic from qro.cz

With its six switchable antenna connections and two radios, the "6 to 2 Antenna Switcher MK2 Classic" from qro.cz offers a versatile and powerful solution for managing antennas and radios in the shack. The maximum power of 3 KW continuous power or 4 KW PEP is more than sufficient and can be controlled manually or via BCD.

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