Discover the world of good audio quality in amateur radio
There is more to discover in the fascinating world of amateur radio than antennas and transceivers. Today we would like to give you an insight into the often overlooked but crucial world of audio quality.

The quality of audio technology in amateur radio not only influences speech intelligibility, but also the overall impression of your transmission. From the correct talk distance to the frequency response of the microphone - every aspect plays a role. In the past, the focus was primarily on DX operation, but today digital technologies and DSP modules enable a wide range of adjustments for natural and pleasant modulation.

Our audio quality guide offers you a deep insight into the world of hearing and being heard in amateur radio. From headphones and AF DSP modules to professional headsets - discover the wide range of audio accessories for receiving and transmitting.
The world of audio quality is vast, and we invite you to explore it!
Continuing our journey into the world of amateur radio audio quality, we are pleased to introduce an exciting new product: IKOS IMPULSE - our new 3D phase shifter!

The IKOS IMPULSE not only offers outstanding stereo quality for communication receivers, but goes one step further. We all know the challenges of weak signals and mono quality fatigue. This is where the IKOS IMPULSE comes into play by generating a quasi-stereo quality signal. This breakthrough not only makes listening more enjoyable, but also makes it easier to distinguish weak SSB signals.

🌟 New from us:
The Chelegance Open/Short/Load calibration set N! 🌟

Optimise the performance of your network analyser with our brand new calibration set. Consisting of open, short-circuited and load-resistant standards, this set enables precise measurements and improves the accuracy of your test results in the frequency range from 0 to 3000 MHz. Discover now the compact and user-friendly solution for your calibration needs, with N-connectors for easy application.

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